• Image of Past The Margin: A Decade of Unkut Interviews hardcover book

A collection of long-form interviews with rappers, DJ's, producers, musicians and journalists who were involved in some of the key milestones in the history of rap.

Including a mix of material originally published on unkut.com, previously unseen follow-up sessions and six brand new conversations that are exclusive to this book.

Hardcover, 505 pages.

Foreword by Dallas Penn.
Edited by Dave Tompkins.
Illustrations by Theotis Jones.
Design by Milestone Workshop.

Don't forget the prices are in AUD!

Table of contents:

01. DJ Kenny Parker
02. Mikey D
03. Joe Fatal
04. T-Ray
05. Keith Shocklee
06. DJ Vicious Lee
07. Dr. Butcher
08. LL Cool J
09. Silver Fox
10. Large Professor
11. The Mighty V.I.C.
12. Grand Daddy I.U.
13. Tragedy Khadafi
14. Prince Paul
15. Kool G Rap
16. MF Grimm
17. Spyder-D
18. Big Noyd
19. A.G.
20. Bobby Simmons
21. Lord Finesse
22. Al’ Tariq
23. The Rza
24. Schoolly-D
25. Duke Bootee
26. Keith Leblanc
27. Paradise Grey
28. Doug Wimbish
29. Harry Allen
30. Just-Ice
31. Bonus Beats